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Baba Dance
2.5 – 4 years

Baba Dance classes are designed to be fun & imaginative.

A space where children are exposed to basic dance technique & musicality through creative story telling.

A solid foundation for a child who loves to move!

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Adult Dance Beginners up

These classes are for adults who have a love for dance & who want more than just gym for exercise.

Within the context of balletic & contemporary technique, the focus is on core stability & general strengthening as well as aerobic fitness.

A great way to de-stress after a long day of work!

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R.A.D Ballet
5 years up

Royal Academy of Dance classes focus on technique & artistry towards completing internationally recognised dance exams. Such experience builds confidence, self-discipline and a capacity to work in coherent teams – key skills that are valuable in any work place.

Ballet also promotes out of the box thinking, elegance, poise, physical & mental prowess, as well as a deep appreciation for classical music- all qualities that serve to mould a well-rounded & happy child.

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Dance Party
Kids & Adults

Customised dance-themed parties & functions for kids & adults.
Great as a party activity or team build experience.

A.I.D.T Modern
7 years up

Association of International Dance Teachers Modern Dance is a broad dance genre embracing non-classical (pop) music & bold movement styles such as jazz, broadway & hip hop.

A comprehensive syllabus enables students to develop discipline & musicality while enjoying a varied dancing experience.

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Wedding First Dance

If you need help with choreography for your big day Taylor Dance can help.
Book your sessions & you’ll be comfortable dancing with your partner in no time.

Abadala Dance
Coming Soon!

“Abadala” is a isiZulu word meaning ELDER¬†. As such, this class will be designed to bring beautiful music & movement to the elderly who are in need of some light relief – now more than ever. Put on your dancing shoes because It’s never too late to learn!¬†

Meet Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor teaches Royal Academy of Dance Ballet & Association of International Dance Teachers Modern Dance to students of all ages & all walks of life. She is also a Certified Teacher for Progressing Ballet Technique.

Where does Kim teach…

Kim teaches at various studios in JHB. She runs her own classes at Parkview Junior & Senior school. Visit her google maps location here

Contact Kim…

For more info on classes email kimftaylor@gmail.com
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